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If you’ve ever talked to me in person, you have probably heard me bring up the issue of statehood for Washington, D.C. It’s a subject that, as a District resident, affects me and many people I know directly and daily. It’s also a subject that, passionate though I feel about it now, I didn’t think about very much before I moved here—and even after having moved here, it took some time before I developed a strong opinion about it.

Perhaps you are in a similar situation on the statehood question. Well then, friends, this zine is for you. This revised second edition of Eight Arguments Against Statehood For Washington D.C. and Why They Are Wrong lays out the pressing need for the District of Columbia to be recognized as the 51st state. In its six pages I dismantle some of the most common misconceptions and mistaken hot-takes on the subject—some of which I myself may have once believed, but now renounce.

If you want to know more about D.C. statehood, I would love to put one of these in your hands. In fact, I would love to put two of them in your hands, so you can share the other one with a friend, family member, or well-meaning stranger. So here’s your chance! If you fill out the form below in the next 51 days (that is, by April 29, 2020), I will mail you two (2) copies of this tiny zine for your enjoyment. No gimmicks, no nothing—you don’t even have to pay for postage. Just read them in good faith with an open mind and pass them along is all I ask. Thanks for reading!

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