Save Your Goodbyes


Maybe you’ve been looking for something new to listen to. Maybe you just want to relive the days when people made mix CDs for you. Either way, this playlist is for you.

The following 19 songs are some of my favorites that I added to my music library in the year 2019. Some are new songs, some are just new to me. If you want to make this playlist for yourself, almost all these songs are available either from your local library via Freegal Music, or direct from the artists themselves via Bandcamp. (One you may have to seek out on, and for another you may need to buy a whole CD, but boy, is that album worth it!) For maximum nostalgia effect, I’ve also made a printable CD cover in case you want to consign these tracks to optical media; see below.

Happy listening!

Save Your Goodbyes for the Morning Light

  1. Rockin’ Radio – Tom Browne (Rockin’ Radio)
  2. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight – The Isley Bros. (3+3)
  3. Mt. Pleasant – Peach Pyramid (Bright Blue)
  4. Green Swamp – Dante High (Dante High)
  5. Sugar & Spice – Hatchie (Sugar & Spice)
  6. Biyo – Earth, Wind & Fire (Spirit)
  7. Once Upon A Time – The Messthetics (The Messthetics)
  8. Have You Been Making Out OK – Al Green (Call Me)
  9. Ain’t No Planes – Lisa Lougheed (Evergreen Nights)
  10. Berlin Heart – The Dears (Missiles)
  11. Chief Inspector – Wally Badarou (Echoes)
  12. Pet Grief – The Radio Dept. (Pet Grief)
  13. Lover, etc. – The Nighttime Adventure Society (Chapter One: The First Chapter)
  14. La nuit est un panthère – Les Louanges (La nuit est un panthère)
  15. Silicon Valley in the ‘90s – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (Valley of the Boom)
  16. Who’s Zoomin’ Who? – Aretha Franklin (Who’s Zoomin’ Who?)
  17. Flower Moon – Vampire Weekend (Father of the Bride)
  18. Hem of Her Dress – First Aid Kit (Ruins)
  19. Shorter Days – FRONTPERSON (Frontrunner)