Here is where I post the completed comic stories that I draw. Unless otherwise noted, all writing, drawing, inking, and shading / coloring are by me.

Moon Comics

Stories about everyday life on the moon.

Ken Kowalski in “Double Trouble”

Ken, Reg, and Nelson try to solve a scheduling conflict using science.

The Amphibiennes

An ongoing series; the story of a group of young women who are trying to find their place in the world, and who are also frogs.

Chapter I

The first story arc, introducing our heroines. Story in progress.

Nat of the Mechabot Assault Force

Meet Nat, a frustrated young artist accidentally made member-for-life of a transforming robot fighting team. Follow along with Nat and her friends as she struggles to balance her time between art, work, and her ever-present duty defending her Appalachian hometown from hideous space monsters.

(Chapters are arranged with the most recent at the top. New readers are advised to start with Nat and the Origin Story).

Nat and the Night Shift

(Feb ’18-Apr ’18) The Tylertown college radio station provides the soundtrack for a day in the life of our hero.

Nat and the Crystalline Grotto of Dreams

(Nov ’17-Feb ’18) Nat gives Cora some last minute help on a complicated art project.

Nat and the Anytime Minutes

(Sep ’17) Nat has some downtime during a battle.

Nat and the Bylaws

(May-Aug ’17) Nat wins a night off from mechabot duty for her first gallery opening.

Nat and the Greek Interpreter

(Mar-Apr ’17) Nat’s competitive sister Ellie returns home for one awkward dinner.

Nat and the Interview

(Jan-Mar ’17) After an interview goes south, Nat rethinks her job prospects.

Nat in the Studio

(Oct ’15) Nat and Cora discuss making the best of a bad situation.

Nat and the Origin Story

(Jul ’14) Nat tells Jen the story of how she came to join the Mechabot Assault Force.

Other Comics

An assortment of other comics I have drawn for this site or elsewhere. Arranged with the most recent posts at the top.


(Jun ’18) In which the medium is the message.

Dino Prom

(Jan ’17) Dino High celebrates a Night to Remember


(Nov ’14) Ominous Foreshadowing…