Nat Comics

Nat of the Mechabot Assault Force is an ongoing web series about Nat, a frustrated young artist accidentally made a member-for-life of a transforming robot fighting team. Follow along with Nat and her friends as she struggles to balance her time between art, work, and her ever-present duty defending her Appalachian hometown from hideous space monsters.

(Chapters are arranged with the most recent at the top; new readers would be advised to start with Nat and the Origin Story).

Nat and the Crystalline Grotto of Dreams

(Nov ’17-Feb ’18) Nat gives Cora some last minute help on a complicated art project.

Nat and the Anytime Minutes

(Sep ’17) Nat has some downtime during a battle.

Nat and the Bylaws

(May-Aug ’17) Nat wins a night off from mechabot duty for her first gallery opening.

Nat and the Greek Interpreter

(Mar-Apr ’17) Nat’s competitive sister Ellie returns home for one awkward dinner.

Nat and the Interview

(Jan-Mar ’17) After an interview goes south, Nat rethinks her job prospects.

Nat in the Studio

(Oct ’15) Nat and Cora discuss making the best of a bad situation.

Nat and the Origin Story

(Jul ’14) Nat tells Jen the story of how she came to join the Mechabot Assault Force.