Three Lives

IMAGE: A candle that has just been extinguished against a dark background. Smoke rises from it. TEXT: 'This week at my old university three young people who sought to make the world a better place were murdered. Already two theories as to the motive for the crime are forming.'
IMAGE: A second lit candle appears and lights the first. TEXT:'In one, three compassionate young people were murdered in their home because of their religion.'
IMAGE: Zoom out to show the candles are being held by a young woman in hijab and a young man with glasses and a UNC letter jacket. TEXT='In the other, a man who was legally permitted to own a firearm and conceal it on his person murdered three of his neighbors over a parking space.'
IMAGE: Zoom out to show the woman and man are surrounded by other people who are holding candles and bowing their heads solemnly. TEXT:'And it is also possible that the truth may be found somewhere in between.'
IMAGE: A view from above of the Pit, a gathering space on UNC campus, filled with people attending a candlelight vigil. TEXT:'What is certain is that a few brief seconds of violence have robbed the world of three lifetimes' worth of love and service which we can never regain, unless we can finally learn to love one another.' TEXT: in Arabic Script, the Takbir (Allahu Akbar) appears at the very bottom of the image.