Hey, y’all—

Welcome to the newly* redesigned blycomics.com homepage! Hopefully this format will make it easier for you to browse through the pages of the current chapter, or catch up on old chapters you’ve missed! Questions? Thoughts? Send me an email, or send a postcard (address at the bottom of this page). Thanks for reading!

* (circa Dec. 2017)

A message regarding your “blycomics” subscription…

Dear Reader,

If you’re seeing this in your email inbox, you probably signed up to be notified every time I post a new comic on my website, blycomics.com. If that’s the case, you’ve probably also noticed that you haven’t received an email in a while. The reason is that in November I found a new layout for the website that makes it easier to navigate through the comics, and to read each story from the beginning without lots of aimless scrolling. Unfortunately, despite lots of tinkering with settings and reaching out to the help desk, I’ve found that the new layout doesn’t support the subscribe-via-email function that you’ve signed up for; you won’t be getting email notifications any longer. I’m sorry for the inconvenience (and for not realizing this feature had broken for so long).

If you’d like to keep following and reading my comics, here are three ways for you to do so—pick whichever suits your fancy, or be ambitious and try all three:

  1. The most convenient way: sign up for my mailing list. I usually send one out right after publishing the last page of a story, or when there’s other exciting news to share (I also try to include bonus art that I don’t post elsewhere, so if you’re a blycomics completist, this is your best option).
  2. The social way: follow me on Twitter. I typically tweet once or twice each time I have a new post to share, plus other times besides.
  3. The do-it-yourself way: find some way to remind yourself to navigate to my website every Tuesday and Thursday at or after 6:01 am, when each update posts.

Anyhow, I wanted to say thanks again for having signed up to read my posts by email. I love being able to share the weird things I draw with folks, and I hope you’ll want to keep on reading along, as well.

See you around,