An Interlude

Hey everyone—taking a quick break from the action in the current Nat storyline to bring you this special update—


It’s nearly time for D.C. Zinefest! If you live in greater Washington and have never been, prepare yourself for a treat—this Saturday, July 15th, make your way down to St. Stephen’s in Mount Pleasant / Columbia Heights, where I will be holding down a table along with some other amazing cartoonists and zine-making folks. Come say hi and get your hands on the freshest self-published goodies in the DMV! I’m planning on debuting a brand-new miniseries, currently under the working title: Cyberpig. Here’s a quick teaser for you–


Who is Cyberpig? Where is he hanging out? Is he lost? What’s his deal? Is he one of our generation’s greatest computer hackers? Or is this just his school picture from 1988? Stay tuned…(and mark your calendar for July 15th, natch!)